Sewer Camera Inspections

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If your sewer line is not working properly, it could cause significant damage to your home or office, If there is a clog in your sewer line, it could cause your sinks, toilets and floor drains to back-up resulting in contaminated water and even raw sewage spilling onto your floors. This is not only a serious health risk, but it could result in damage to your flooring, walls and personal property.

Additionally, if your crawl space is wet underneath, or there’s a bad smell emanating from the area, a sewer camera inspection can often help locate and identify the source of the leak quickly, potentially saving you money or unnecessary excavations.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, call us at Blu Jay Plumbing and Rooter to perform a sewer camera inspection.

This inspection will provide you and your plumber an inside view of your pipes and reveals what condition they’re in, along with knowing what type of material your sewer pipe is and in which direction it runs.

We have the latest cameras for sewer inspections for all drain pipe sizes from one inch to eight inch pipe. If there’s an issue with your sewer line we can pinpoint the problem with the sewer camera inspection. We could also record the line so you can have it for your records.

Video Sewer Line Inspection

Without a video sewer line inspection, the exact location of the clog within the sewer line can not be determined. This means that the plumber may have to dig up large portions of the pipe in order to locate the clog, which is a more expensive option. It also causes additional damage to your landscaping, since the plumber has to remove grass or soil to get to the plumbing beneath the ground.

We also work with quite a few real estate agents and their customers throughout the San Fernando Valley and L.A. County when it comes to buying or selling their house. As a home buyer you want to make sure that the house you are buying has a good functional sewer line and to know what condition the sewer line is in. Sewer lines can get very expensive, but unfortunately for most of us, we don’t find out until it’s time to replace or repair the sewer line.